Scared People

So this one time, I took the RTA out to a friend’s house in Euclid Heights.  This was before cell phones and I found myself at my friend’s house, the lights off, the door locked.  I and my boyfriend waited and waited.  We decided to give up and wait for the bus only to find […]

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Future Predictions

I once again feel like making a bunch of random future predictions. Like in this previous post. With terrible illustrations by me, drawn in GIMP on a laptop trackpad because my new mac doesn’t have a USB port. (There’s some future shock for ya. IT HAS NO INPUT PORTS.) When I was a wee child, […]

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Cartoon white girl holds a brown mask

Everyone is One-Sixteenth Cherokee

When I was young, my mother told me a lie. It was a big lie and she told it with remarkable consistency. She told me she was Jewish. “And since all that matters for Jews is what your mother is, that means you are Jewish, too,” she’d say. There was evidence in her favor. Grandma’s […]

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Cartoon robot dinosaur destroys buildings


Last week, I attended my first Game Developers Convention (GDC). It was also, with the exception of IndieCade, my first game developers’ convention of any kind. GDC is… it’s big. Worldcon? Tiny in comparison. Like 6,000 people go to Worldcon. 28,000 people attended GDC last year. That’s about the population of Shaker Heights, Ohio. A […]

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Cartoon girl head with thought balloon containing a tree

Why Plot?

Why do we need plot anyway, the stupid thing!? Why does it think it’s so important, instead of, say, character or really delicious scene description? These are the question newbie-me asked many times, when I was so good at dialog and character and scenes but I just hadn’t figured out how to put a plot […]

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A Day in the Life

I was asked what my “typical writing day” is like. Every day is writing day! So this is: a day of me. On a typical weekday, I wake up between 8:27 and 8:34. Ish. I don’t use an alarm, so it’s all on my cycadian rhythm and looking at the clock. I have to be […]

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Cartoon Robot Lady holds a Chess Queen in one hand

Celeste and Bobby Fisher

When I wrote my first “novel” in elementary school, I created this character, Celeste. She was a snarky robot from the future with little regard for human life. She was the one facet of that work that survived its re-writing in middle school and again in high school. I loved writing her snappy come-backs and […]

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