Background image from “Finding Yourself” drawn by Brian Crick

I know, it should say “Interactive Fictions” really, but Games is shorter for my menu needs! Anyway, here are some things I’ve done in the text-adventure-ish world.

(As usual, I present in most-recent-first order)

Finding Yourself – A meditative journey of self-discovery in Cleveland, with gorgeous art by my husband, Brian Crick.

Take Over the World – or at least Cleveland Pretty much what it says on the tin. You want to take over the world. You live in East Cleveland. Here are some of your options.

Space Princess Coronation – I give these such descriptive titles! You are a princess, in space, facing a coronation ritual and trial! Will you make it to Space Queen? Oh hey, what if aliens attack during the proceedings?

Coming Soon

I’m working on a longer IF called “Miss Hippogriff’s Science Academy” – about a school for “Ugly Stepsisters, Sons 1 through 6 of 7, and All Whom Magic Devalues.”