My Clarion


11 out of 18 members of my Clarion writing workshop class managed to make it to a cabin in Lake Tahoe for a Clarion Reunion.  The Clarion Workshop is happening right now in San Diego and our hearts go out to the students having the life-changing experiences we shared three years ago.

Ray Bradbury’s Prolific Ghost! It’s only been three years??!

I can’t describe what these people mean to me. I can’t describe the joy of reading, writing and workshopping shoulder-to-shoulder with these wonderful people.  I’ve done lots of writing workshops, but few with the intensity of Clarion.  There’s this unifying drive, to create stories, to build realities, to craft words into art.

We have hot tubbed. We have cooked. (OMG the food. My Clarionaughties know how to COOK.)  We have strolled through the pines and seen Steller’s Jays.  We watched dogs romp at the dog beach.  We have deconstructed and constructed fiction and omg I got so drunk last night.

It was really, really hard to leave.

Clarion 2013 FOREVER! Support our Write-a-Thon team! (We are team Rocketship Spatula.)


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