On My Way to ReaderCon (not)

Last year, I ended up in the hospital in Boston instead of enjoying ReaderCon all that much.  So let’s give this another go, yeah?
I’m off to take Megabus to Boston! It worked so well to Wiscon?  I’m arriving Friday night at, like, midnight in Boston, and I fly away Sunday morning.

anxiousMy tummy troubles, after being quiet since February, are back again.  Just in time to foil my plans.  This time I’m canceling the trip instead of hoping I can tough it out.

Super Sad Face.

Someday, ReaderCon! SOME DAY.

Obviously, I started this post and scheduled it for the day I was to travel, but now I’m not going and instead of just deleting this, I’m leaving blog evidence of how disappointed I am.

I present the only photo I could find of myself at ReaderCon last year, with my super awesome best bud Christian.


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