“The Magic Mirror Confesses” in Illumen Fall 2017

“Little Monsters” was part of the 2017 SFPA online Halloween poetry reading.

“How to Talk to Boys” appeared in The Ghazal Page in August, 2016.

“An Unrequited Process Loops” appeared in Asimov’s Magazine in February, 2015.

“Shelter” appeared in Vending Machine: Poetry for Change in November, 2014.

“The Slaves in my Basement” appeared in Songs of Eretz in November, 2014.

“The Mermaids of Lake Erie” won second prize in the Hessler Street Fair Poetry Contest in May, 2013

“At the Tip Top” and “Two Body Problem” appeared in Issue 9 of Eye to the Telescope in July, 2013 (Free online)

“What do you want for lunch?” appeared in Sanitarium Magazine issue 9 in 2013. (Free PDF download of issue.)

“Found Poems” appeared in Death in Common in 2009. (Order from Amazon.)

“Forearm Bones” was part of the 2008 SFPA Online Halloween Poetry Reading.  (MP3s of artists reading their work.  Click this to hear me. I should really do another of these.)

“Pancho’s Email” appeared in Abyss and Apex in 2007. (Free online)

Coming Soon

“To Current Occupant” in Strange Horizons January, 2018