Never Clear Your Schedule

Despite its never having worked, ever, I frequently do this:


This works much better:



Punishing yourself doesn’t work.  Did you eat all your veggies when your parents made you stay at the table until you did?  Me neither.  I stayed up all night in a cold kitchen, and I actually like peas.

It’s not fool-proof of course, but:

50% — odds of success if I just keep doing stuff I feel like doing

0% — odds of success if I force myself to clear my schedule.

No brainer.

If you want odds over 50%, don’t look at me.

So if I have to procrastinate on writing, it’s better that I go exercise or finish that book I was reading than that I sit there hating myself.  Heck, procrastination is the ONLY time I do any housecleaning.

It’d be nice if we could always find something we wanted to work on less than writing, huh?

NEVER clear your schedule.

If I don’t procrastinate, I don’t do anything.  I’m not alone in that.

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