Take Over the World

So, once again I made a thing, and I made it for a contest. Sorta.

Okay so I started a second text adventure after writing “Space Princess” in a single day gave me unreasonable expectations re: ease of composition. I thought I would do something more complex, with javascript and stuff.

Then someone told me about this contest – okay that someone was my husband – and he told me on the day that was the deadline to register to enter. So I did.

Last night was the deadline to submit the finished game, and I did submit a game.

Yes, I did have my sister frantically playing through while we were on chat together so I could fix bugs as she found them and I had other stuff to do last night and we sorta watched two episodes of Buffy but… I submitted a game! Yay!

Judging starts October 1 – that’s this Saturday!

So now I just gotta… stop thinking about it. 😉

My story is called “Take Over the World – or at Least Cleveland” and it is a 2nd person adventure in taking over the world from Cleveland. I drew illustrations for it in my usual style – which means there are only like 7 illustrations – but I did steal a few from the blog, too.

Anyway, I’ll post a link here when the judging is open. I believe it’s the sort of thing where anyone can create an account to judge, but you have to judge at least five entries.



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