The Time Mechanic

The Time Mechanic

Illustration by M. Wayne Miller for IGMS

My story, “The Time Mechanic,” is now available online at Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Read my story behind the story on my livejournal.

This story was written for week one at Clarion 2013.

“My friend asked me to pick up some real Prohibition moonshine for him, and I’m not a guy to turn down an opportunity to show off my time machine. I did a web search for photos and the found one labeled “Dogleg Lick, KY, 1928,” right over the leg of a cop breaking bottles against a wagon. Kentucky had great whisky. I’d read that somewhere, or maybe it was an ad.

I’m just pointing out that this was a lark, a short jaunt – a trip to the store, if you will.”

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