Awards Eligibility Post

Here is my Obligatory Awards Eligibility Post for 2015.

You know, in case you happen to have nomination rights for the Nebula or Hugo or Year’s Best Anthologies Left In This Coffee Shop.

I had two pro fiction sales that were published in 2015:

“Neil Armstrong Vs. Zombie Hitler,” which is about exactly what the title suggests, in Pornokitsch, an arts magazine dedicated to pop culture. (Free online.)

Not sure this one counts, though, as it is British. I got 50 pounds for about 1,000 words.  What does that work out to in US-cents-per-word? Is it less or more than six cents a word (and thereby qualifying as ‘pro’)? That’s math.

Let’s face it, I just wanted to brag one more time about selling a story named “Neil Armstrong Vs. Zombie Hitler.” Feels like I got a cheat code somewhere!

butterflies“Butterflies on Barbed Wire” is in the October 2015 issue of Analog. Can a new tattoo technology change the course of a young man’s rather dysfunctional life in rural Ohio?

I finally got to use all that research I did on holograms.  I almost ripped open my surgery sutures when I got the acceptance letter.

I had one poem published professionally in 2015:

“An Unrequited Process Loops” – a triolet robot love poem – appeared in Asimov’s Magazine in February, 2015.

NOT BAD for the year I almost died, eh?

Anyway, if you are able to nominate things for awards, or are able to pretend to be such a person, I will happily provide reading copies.  Because I’m nice.

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