Best of Apex Magazine


I am very proud and honored to have my story “Keep Talking” In the Best of Apex Magazine Anthology. 

This story won Apex’s Story of the Year for 2014.  The Oxford Cultural Review reviewed the anthology, and it ends with this glowing praise of my story:

To my mind, the anthology’s best story is Marie Vibbert’s ‘Keep Talking’, a story about a father, his autistic daughter, and his new girlfriend experiencing a family crisis/alien invasion, building to a conclusion in which the combined skills of daughter and girlfriend work to decode an alien message. It’s poignant, imaginative, and approaches its subject matter with maturity and deftness. It’s the embodiment of what science fiction should be in 2016.

I feel like I have to disclaim that I do not know this guy, William Shaw, nor is he, like, my cousin.  I keep reading the review and wondering who he’s talking about.


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