Write-A-Thon 2017

The write-a-thon is a fundraiser for the fantastic Clarion writing workshop, a chance for aspiring authors to work for six intense weeks with top professionals in the business.  I attended Clarion and want to help everyone have a chance to experience the wonder and joy I did, so I donate every year to the write-a-thon and participate as a writer.

It’s like other charity walk-a-thons or bike-a-thons or whatever-a-thons.  A write-a-thon writer sets some writing-related goal, and donors pledge to support that writer, either in lump sum or in a small amount per goal-unit. For example, last year I pledged to write 50,000 words over the course of the six-week write-a-thon. A friend pledged to donate .01 cent for each word, or $50 if I met my goal.

This year I’m going back to the classics, my goal for the first write-a-thon I did was to write 50 short story drafts. It was super fun and I got a lot of useful material out of it.  Three of those write-a-thon stories have even been sold! Another became the basis for the novel I’m working on.

I’ll update twitter every day with a description of the story of the day, so follow me @mareasie if you want to keep up with that.  Also I’ll post the story titles in a separate blog post.

Now: what’s in it for YOU?

As in years past, if you donate to my write-a-thon, you will get something written just for you!  Mike Substelny asked me to write on the title “Zombie Hilter Vs. Neil Armstrong” and that’s just what he got!  Gina Hoang asked me to write a children’s book for her son titled “Pippin the Pirate!” I forced my sister to illustrate it. Sorry, Gracie. Next time I draw my own illustrations.

Also I am offering a sweepstakes! I will randomly draw one of my donors (who have donated at least $20) to receive, from me, one completely hand-knit sweater in their size! You can pick the color, too. That’s probably a gazillion-dollar value.

Here is a picture of me in a sweater I knitted so that you may know I knit good. It’s a little tight because it was made for my little sister.

SO… please consider donating. Help aspiring writers get scholarships to a truly epic writing program. Help me keep my streak of being in the top earners of the ‘thon. (Not to brag. OH WAIT YES TO BRAG.)


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