Write-a-Thon 2017 Stories List

My goal for the 2017 Clarion Write-a-Thon is to write 50 stories in six weeks. I’ll keep track here and on twitter.  My previous post has a list of rewards I’m offering if you donate to my cause!

Day One:

1. “Saving Big Daddy” re-write horror story
2. “Ghost Toddler” re-write horror story
3. “Carnival Fire” re-write horror story. (Day one had a theme, unintentional!)
4. “The Eater of Dirt” new fantasy story.

Day Two:

5. “Space Captain Valraven Verses Venusian Vines of Death” – new erotic story

Day Three – Day Four:

I was at Cedar Point. I wrote both days, but not more than a page or two.

Day Five:

6. “Endless Summer on the Gemini” gee I wonder what inspired a short story about a Cedar Point Roller Coaster I rode 24 times over the past two days.

Day Six:

7. “Second Hand Destinies” A space ship designed to look like a Russian Orthodox Church where it snows every day in the sanctuary and a shape-shifter wanting to do good.

8. “Earth Day on a Generational Starship” another re-write and a dark one.

9. “Space DJ” in need of a better title.

Day Seven:

I just kinda sucked on Day Seven.

Day Eight:

10. “Loitering With Intent to Do Math” – it’s bizarre, post-scarcity stuff.

11. “On the Changing Roles of Dock Workers” – related!

Day Nine:

12. “South of the Waffle House” – sorta tween summer adventure thing

13. “An Ever-Rising Vector” – experiment in re-writing a story from a different character’s POV.

Day Ten:

The fourth!  I revised “South of the Waffle House” and started two stories I didn’t finish.

Day Eleven:

14. “A Robot’s Guide to Hitchhiking Canada” inspired by a Thombot tweet.

15. “Amish Orphan Robots” inspired by a challenge from Nyla. Today is roboty!

Day Twelve:

So much suck. Tried to write one story all day, gave up on it and started a new one just before bed.

Day Thirteen:

16. “First Impressions” Space Monks guard FTL travel with VIRTUE.

17. “Blackrock Road” This is the one I started before bed. Based on a post-apocalyptic poem I’d written.

Day Fourteen:

Game Jam!

18. “Picking Up the Trash” – Nanlee rides again! A sequel to my published story “Trash”.

19. “You Must Find Yourself” – a 2nd person Interactive Fiction about Cleveland.

20. “Kafka and the History of the Bra” – so it’s really a nonfiction essay but gee nonfiction is fun! You don’t have to make stuff up!

Day Fifteen

Game Jam conclusion! Much revising of “Find Yourself”.

21. “The Beauty You Cannot Buy” – accidental Kafkaesque transhumanism.

22. “Customer Review: Jesamie Blake’s Life 0-39” – what if lives were a consumable art?

Day Sixteen

Struggled with two started drafts, felt like a complete failure.

Day Seventeen

23. “How We Stopped the Reign” – Dystopian government is toppled by the power of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Day Eighteen

24. “On Thursdays” – oh hey why only write optimistic sci-fi, right? Dark near-future everyone is dying thing but hey video games save the day? Sorta? Melancholic Nostalgic.

Day Nineteen

25. “Space Mermaids” – the kind that eat ya.

26. “Holly’s Time Mechanics” – re-wrote “The Time Mechanic from Holly’s POV. Like it better this way.

Day Twenty

27. “Ray Guns” – a police procedural. ish. with ray guns and flying cars.

Day Twenty-One
I realized “Ray Guns” was from the wrong pov and re-wrote it.

Day Twenty-Two

28. Merman fighting matriarchy thing that needs a title.
29. “Four Drinks” a possibly too literary mix of personal memory and space station myths handed down via alcohol.

Day Twenty-Three
30. Perils of Godmothering – fairy godmother tries to escape her annoying fair maiden.

Day Twenty-Four
31. Three Little Arcologies – wee startup green buildings face a big bad Wolf, Inc.

Day Twenty-Five
32. Insecurity Can’t Be Programmed Around – a failed relationship with a sexbot.

Days 26- 30
Writer’s block, revision, and multiple started and not finished stories. UGH.

Day Thirty-One
33. Getting What You Want – a short porny thing about summoning a demon
34. Tinslefly Wreck Number One – for Brian
35. Buzz Aldrin Vs. The Vampires – a sequel to Neil Armstrong Vs. Zombie Hitler.
36. Juniper’s Story – retelling of my unsold story “Juniper’s Song” From Juniper’s POV.

Day Thirty-Two
37. Secrets of the Pharmacology Department – mad lib prompt. Demons and doctors.

Day Thirty-Three
38. Robot Mermaids With Lasers – for lack of a less accurate title. 😀
39. The Star Trek Insurrection – far future inspiration in mediocre film

Day Thirty-Four

40. Unmade to Order – biological android clone prostitution. yay.
41. Dominick – evil twins fight over a pretty boy

Days 35-36
Weekend of weekending. Worked on things badly.

Day Thirty-Seven
42. Important Everyday Things – post apocolypse ish
43. Mercury Three – Math vs. man’s inhumanity to man.

Day Thirty-Eight
44. Smart Truck – His wife left him for buying a fancy truck, then the TRUCK left him.
45. Slip Ship Knit – saving a spacecraft through the power of knitting.

Day Thirty-Nine
46. FTL Fireflies – yeah I let @Optimist_SciFi pick my plot again.

Day Forty
47. Dear XLT17 – when AIs break up, the ghosting threat is serious.

Day Forty-One
48. Single Malt Spaceship – using time dilation for value transactions.

Day Forty-Two
49. Diplomatic Kittens – a tale of first contact with adorable aliens.

50. Princess Detectives Vs. Space Ponies – Finish strong, I always say.

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