The Time Mechanic

Illustration by M. Wayne Miller for IGMS

Here is a list of my stories in publication order, most recent first:

20. “Quirks” in the November 2017 Analog. (Print or ebook) When collective bargaining meets direct memory transfer, watch out for the quirks.

19. “The Flirtbot Condition” on Terraform / Mothership October 2017. How can a flirtbot learn to flirt if no one talks to it?

18. “The First Trebuchet on Mars” in the September/October 2017 Analog. (Print or ebook) This one is (shockingly) about the first Trebuchet catapult on Mars.

17. “Metal and Flesh” at Daily Science Fiction. A dark future with humans enslaved by robots.

16. “We All Scream” on Escape Pod podcast. (download audio) A family operated ice cream truck is one town’s only hope against a rampaging monster.

15. “Stepping Out of Stream” on T. Gene Davis’ Speculative Blog. Stepping into a real world beyond ubiquitous VR.

14. “Cross the Street” on Cast of Wonders podcast March 2017. (download audio) Kids vs. Autos in a world where pedestrians have no right to cross the street.

13. “The Wrong Way to Do the Right Thing” in Pangaea: The Rise of Dominjaron (shared world anthology, not free, sorry.)

12. “Space Princess Coronation” is a mini  text adventure on Sub-Q magazine.

11. “Kitten Lorelei ♥ CherryBerry24” is on especbooks’ website, having tied in a “kitten flash” contest.

10. “Hold the Moment” is in the June 2016 issue of Analog.  A single mother tries to balance raising her daughter with inventing time travel. (Print or subscription)

9. “Michael Doesn’t Hate His Mother” in the March 2016 Lightspeed. Something is terribly wrong with Michael’s mother. Reviewed at Quick Sip Reviews: “I kind of love how the story goes about framing their relationship with their mother…. Quite difficult to read at times but very good!”

8. “Neil Armstrong Vs. Zombie Hitler,” which is about exactly what the title suggests, in Pornokitsch, an arts magazine dedicated to pop culture. (Free online.) And it’s now available in audio!

7. “Butterflies on Barbed Wire” is in the October 2015 issue of Analog.  Can a new tattoo technology change the course of a young man’s rather dysfunctional life? (Print or Ebook.)

6. “Keep Talking” published in Apex Magazine in December, 2014.  Gerald struggles to communicate with his daughter, who has autism, while his daughter deciphers a message from distant aliens. This story won Apex’s “Story of the Year” for 2014. Reviewed by Oxford Culture Review. “It’s poignant, imaginative, and approaches its subject matter with maturity and deftness. It’s the embodiment of what science fiction should be in 2016.”

5. “Trash” appeared on Escape Pod in November, 2014. Nanlee was a woman with the sort of past that necessitated moving to a non-extradition treaty country, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t planned on enjoying her “retirement” on Luna Colony. (download audio)

4. “Jupiter Wrestlerama” published in Lightspeed in October, 2014 (Available free online.)  Waitress Karen navigates the tight confines of her space station community to investigate the murder of her boyfriend, the star of the local wrestling show.

3. “The Time Mechanic” published in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show in September, 2014 (behind a paywall)  What’s a guy to do when he’s stuck in a town with a comically whimsical name in eastern Kentucky in the 1920s with a broken time machine?

2. “Deshaun Stevens’ Ship Log” published in Escape Pod in November, 2013 (Available free online.)  Bridget Jones’ Diary, but in space and male. (download audio)

  1. “Brain Trust” published in Reflection’s Edge in February, 2006 (Available free online.)  Bang wants to touch a broader reality than her small town in southern Vietnam.  Her family doesn’t understand.


Coming Soon:

“Fourth Dimensional Tessellations of American College Graduates” in The Reckoning

“Infinite Boyfriends” in Broad Knowledge

“The Willing Body, the Reluctant Heart” in Analog (I think in March?)

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  1. Emily Lauren says:

    I love it all!! Bravo!!

    1. says:

      Thank you, darling! *mwah*

  2. Josh Colon says:

    Dear Marie,
    Any chance you’ll post your write-athon stories where I can read them?

    1. Marie says:

      Didn’t see this comment! I guess it’s not alerting me when someone comments who has already…

      Anyway, my first priority is to sell the stories, and of course link them if they are available online where sold. It’s entirely possible, though, that I might post a story or two if I decide it’s never selling.

  3. Fred Sinder says:


    Very much enjoyed “Hold the Moment,” and not only from catching the fountain reference and that the story takes place at Case.

    The not so surprising ending rang very, very true. Thank you for that.


    1. Marie says:

      🙂 Thank you so much!

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